Our History

history-pineBruce and Patsy Gustafson live on a dairy farm four miles north of Cushing, WI. We milked cows for 29 years, finally selling the cows in 2004. We have four grown children, nine grandchildren, two dogs, one cat, and sometimes a few chickens, turkeys, and cattle.

Bruce’s hobby of collecting toy tractors started 20 years ago when his mother, Margaret, gave him his first farm toy (a 40th anniversary John Deere A with man) that continues to be his favorite piece. He admired it in a magazine while having coffee with her. She bought one and surprised him with it a few weeks later! The collection grew with a special weakness for Olivers. In 1998, we bought our first pedal and have added many ususual pedals to the collection.

Leaning Pine Farm Toys started in 2001 when we bought our first collection for one tractor that we wanted. We set up at a toy show in Turtle Lake not knowing if we’d like it, but we loved talking to the other collectors, came home, and started planning for another show in four months!

Each year we travel thousands of miles going to shows. We have left as early as 2am to drive to a show, since it normally takes a couple hours to set up at a show in order to be ready to go. We try to schedule our shows around our families’ busy schedules and going to shows near our kids’ homes to be able to spend time with our children and our nine grandchildren. The best part of the shows is the almost instant camaraderie with fellow toy collectors who often reminisce about certain tractors or implements they grew up with on the farm